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The 123’s of the ABC’s

Hello 2021!  I hope you all were able to enjoy the holidays! My kids got some new Plink Co. Toys for Christmas and they have been loving them! Hopefully yours are enjoying theirs as well! 

A huge thank you to all of you who completed my survey in my last blog post! I am going to try best I can to grant those wishes in this post along with upcoming posts! 

This week is all about the Alphabet puzzle because Corban got one for Christmas and we are loving it!  I am no expert in education but I am a Momma who wants to teach and help my children the best I can, so hopefully if you are looking for more ways to teach the alphabet this will be helpful to you!

I realize with Corban just turning 2 years old, it’s probably a little early to make a big push for teaching the alphabet so we are not stressing over it but he has taken an interest in it so we are just trying to incorporate it into a lot of things. It is blowing my mind how well he is doing picking up on it! 

So here it is, the 1, 2, 3’s that we are using to teach our toddler the A, B, C’s:

1.) Start with their name.

Corban was able to recognize his name before any other words.  I have his name on a wall in his bedroom with a football next to it and one day he pointed up and said “football, me!” We are just starting on working to teach him how to spell it but he can recognize it and now he is also recognizing Mama, Dada, and his baby sister’s name, Ava. Right now he can tell you his name starts with C, and that O comes after C. This is just through writing these names for him while coloring or playing with chalk or play dough. We’ve also used the puzzle pieces in the alphabet puzzle to spell his name. I so badly want to get him one of the name puzzles! I know he would love it and I’m sure it would be a great tool in teaching him his name. Well here I am, trying to convince you that you need the alphabet puzzle and I’m actually convincing myself as I write that we need the name puzzle! Here’s a picture with a link in case I’m convincing you too. 

(Keep reading for a coupon code for 15% off!)

Plink Co. Personalized Name Puzzle

2.) Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

Young kids need and love repetition.  This is exactly what we’re doing with Corban to teach him the alphabet.  All day, every day, in everything we do, we incorporate letters. While coloring, reading, playing with his toys, play dough, or whatever we are doing, I watch for opportunities to point out letters to him. 

3.) Make it fun!

We are loving the ABC puzzle. For slightly older kids this puzzle also has arrows for tracing the letters to help them learn to write the letters. The letters on this puzzle are varying colors and I think that really helps Corban at his age find where each letter goes. (This puzzle is also great for learning colors and practicing fine motor skills so even if your child isn’t ready for the alphabet yet they could still benefit from this and it would get them familiar with seeing letters.)

Corban got his alphabet puzzle for Christmas but he also got a couple of fun books on the alphabet as well as a drawing mat that encourages learning the alphabet.  A toddlers attention span is very short so we need many different things to help us teach them. 

If you are interested in these puzzles, all that is left in the shop are perfectly imperfect ABC puzzles and tracing boards and they are a great price, PLUS I have a coupon code to share with you for them!  Don’t let the “Perfectly Imperfect” title scare you.  Erica will not sell you something at full price if it has one single flaw. We have a “Perfectly Imperfect” Plink Co. Wooden Wobble Balance Board and if she hadn’t pointed out the flaw, I would have no idea. Honestly, I probably couldn’t even find it to point it out now. 

For 15% off, Use Code: Jessica 15

*This code now is good for anything in the store!

Perfectly Imperfect ABC Puzzle and Tracing Board

Here are some fun activities for you to try at home or in the classroom! 

Alphabet Fun with Sticky Notes

Who doesn’t love sticky notes? We tried this little activity the other day. I wrote A, B, and C on 3 pieces of paper and hung them on the wall. Then I started writing letters on sticky notes and handing them to Corban and he’d stick it on the matching letter. Or at least that was the idea.  He was maybe 15% accurate with matching the letters up but we tried to help him. He had so much fun with it though!  He was laughing, dancing, and clapping and saying the letters with us. Here is a totally staged picture of him doing this activity! 

But there’s more to this story! The following day my sister was here and we still had our papers and sticky notes on the wall. She took the sticky notes down and handed them one by one to Corban. To my disbelief he started matching them with the correct letters on the wall!  So we will definitely be doing that activity more and incorporating more and more letters! 

Name Tracing 

This is a great additional way to use the ABC puzzle from Plink Co! Corban’s a little young for this activity so I did the tracing but kids can trace the puzzle pieces on a piece of paper to spell their name and then color in the letters. This makes a great refrigerator decoration or put it on a smaller piece of paper or Cardstock and tape it to their desks.

I hope this gives some fresh ideas and useful tools if you are needing help in this area! Comment below and share if you have more ideas for helping kids with the alphabet! I’d love to hear them!


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