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The Code of the Plink Co. Elves

Merry Christmas! Actually, Happy Thanksgiving, but I think most of us hit full Christmas mode by 4:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day! I wake up from my post-turkey nap and get out the adds for my Black Friday shopping.  My Black Friday shopping looks so different this year! It’s been happening all week online and I’m betting most of you are in the same boat! I keep thinking I’m done shopping for the kids but then Erica sends me pictures of new toys coming to the store and I want them all... for the kids of course.  Our Christmas decor is up and soon we will be watching one of our favorite Christmas movies, Elf!  With the holidays in mind, I could not resist basing this post off of the code of the Code of the Elves. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, please go watch the movie! So here it is... The Code of the Plink Co. Elves: 1.) Treat Every Day Like Christmas (Especially Black Friday and Christmas Day of course)      There have been sales all week but there are some great deals and new r

Gobble ‘till you Wobble (Board)

How is it possible that it’s almost Thanksgiving?! My, how the time is flying! I’ve been trying to teach Corban to say “Gobble Gobble” so that I could get a video of him Gobbling while he’s wobbling on his Plink Co. Wooden Wobble Balance Board. He says something that sounds like a mix between Gobble and Wobble but the struggle to get it on video for you is real!  What I do have for you, in light of Thanksgiving coming up, is a fun printable for the kids!   Thanksgiving Placemat - Free Download Corban's not quite 2 but he’s totally going to be scribbling all over one of these! He loves coloring! He has a wooden table that we let him color at but instead of coloring at his table he’s started coloring on his table! We tried for a while to get him to only color on his coloring book but his table has started looking like a piece of art so we gave up.  When Erica gave us our Plink Co. Wooden Wobble Balance Board I told her we’d try to keep the crayons away from it so it stays nice for pi

That’s the way things happen on The Plinkco Express (w/ free downloadable Christmas wish list print)

     All aboard The Plinkco Express! Welcome! I am so excited to be writing this blog! To start off, I would love to introduce myself!  My name is Jessica Gregory and I am a mom of two little ones; Corban, who will be two in December (on New Years Eve), and Ava who just turned 4 months old (picture of my family below). I’m sure you will be hearing about them a lot on this blog!  Erica and I have been best friends since childhood and I was so excited when she had this idea of doing a blog for her new business, Plink Co. Express Learning .       Our hope is that this blog will be a useful resource and an encouragement to parents and teachers!  If you follow Plink Co. Express Learning on Facebook or instagram, you probably know that Erica values her followers and wants to build a sense of community. She’s not just in the business of selling toys, she wants to be a help and encouragement and build a support system for people who are trying to educate,  children at home, in the classroom,