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The Code of the Plink Co. Elves

Merry Christmas! Actually, Happy Thanksgiving, but I think most of us hit full Christmas mode by 4:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day! I wake up from my post-turkey nap and get out the adds for my Black Friday shopping.  My Black Friday shopping looks so different this year! It’s been happening all week online and I’m betting most of you are in the same boat! I keep thinking I’m done shopping for the kids but then Erica sends me pictures of new toys coming to the store and I want them all... for the kids of course. 

Our Christmas decor is up and soon we will be watching one of our favorite Christmas movies, Elf!  With the holidays in mind, I could not resist basing this post off of the code of the Code of the Elves. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, please go watch the movie! So here it is...

The Code of the Plink Co. Elves:

1.) Treat Every Day Like Christmas (Especially Black Friday and Christmas Day of course)

     There have been sales all week but there are some great deals and new releases that have just come out! There also are new gift certificates that you can buy for people to pick out what they would like from the store! 

If you look on Plink Co. Express Learning Facebook page, you will find a giveaway that they have going right now! If you share this blog post to your Facebook, tag Plink Co. Express Learning, and comment on this post you will get an extra entry in that drawing! 

Also, if you place an order this weekend, you will receive one of these placemats for Santa’s cookies free with your order! (Scroll to see kid friendly cookie recipe!) 

2.) There’s something in the store for everyone on the nice list. 

There is so much being added to the store and so much more to come! I can’t wait to get our hands on so many of these fun toys! 

There is the original toy that likely attracted many of you to the store, The Plink Co. Wooden Wobble Balance board.
There is also a newly added lighter and longer board as well! 

Erica also just started making and selling personalized name stickers so you can put your child’s name on their wobble board!  Look how sweet these are! 

They also have these adorable octopuses! (Fun fact: apparently there are three options for the plural version of octopus. There’s octopuses, octopi, and octopodes, all sort of weird.)
Ava’s been borrowing Corban’s for tummy time when he’s not napping with it but I’d love to get her her very own pink and blue one! 

They have the 3D animal puzzles. (We also have a couple more of these on our Christmas list).

There are the new customizable name puzzles. Another on the wish list! 

They have the new customizable growth charts. I love these and cannot wait to get one! This reminds me of my childhood. We had a white wall in the kitchen where my dad would stand us up to and mark our height and he’d write the date. It was such a fun thing for us to do and watch as we grew!  What a special keepsake this board would be! 
Be on the lookout for a free chart to keep track of growth in a future blog post!

The new items that have just been added this week are:

Rainbow Stacker

ABC Puzzle and Tracing Board

Rainbow Peg Dolls 
    Corban is going to LOVE these! He is very excited about learning colors right now but he also is always working to strengthen those fine motor skills and I think he is going to love putting the pegs into these little cups! 

Head over to Plink Co. Express Learning to order those Christmas gifts or a gift certificate! 

3.) The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. 

Have fun with your families this holiday season, turn on some Christmas music and get the kids involved in baking some cookies for Santa! 

Corban and I have made a cookie recipe that is so yummy, easy for a kid to follow, and we even made ours gluten and dairy free! We just used Aldi’s Live G Free gluten free baking mix in place of flour. Also, if you don’t like the coconut flavor you can use vegetable oil instead. 

Corban had a blast making these. I will warn you though, it gets messy and may not be exactly Covid friendly if the little ones are making it... so only share with Santa. 


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